which photo editing software?

Alan Clark

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I have been using Affinity Photo for several years, but it keeps crashing - more and more often. So I would like to try something else. I mostly make black and white digital prints from scanned negatives, but occasionally use my digital camera to make b&w and colour prints.
I would appreciate any suggestions as to what to go for.

If you are tech-savvy, then Gimp is free
If you want something robust with active support then Photoshop is the industry standard or their cut down version called photoshop elements
I have used Adobe Lightroom for the past decade, with an occasional round-trip to NIK Silver Efex for my B+W photos. I recently migrated from the old standalone Lightroom to the subscription model, the desktop version.

I only resort to Photoshop if I'm doing photo illustration. For basic editing, Lightroom is better suited and has the advantage of keeping my library organized, not to mention it allows me to manage image metadata.

EDIT 27 MARCH 2024: One other advantage of Lightroom is that editing is non-destructive. Your original files are never changed and you have a complete history of edits stored in the application database.
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Thanks for the suggestions so far. On1 Photo Effects seems to be something you run with other software - but I have just downloaded it anyway.
Ian, I don't really want to fork out for Photoshop, and I have tried Elements and it seemed too basic.

Any other suggestions?
@Alan Clark , it works as a standalone as well. Also Elements Plus can be added to Photoshop Elements which expands its capabilities. It is not expensive and gets great endorsements from people I know who use it.
I used to work on a MacBook and frequently used iMovie for video editing, which surprisingly helped me understand the basics of photo adjustments, like balancing contrasts and shadows which are crucial for b&w prints.

After switching to Windows, I found Movavi to be a decent alternative for iMovie for Windows, especially for basic video edits. It’s straightforward and has photo editing features that are useful for quick edits and corrections. This shift made my photo editing process smoother, especially for adjusting the details in my prints.
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