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Tryfan Mountain in North Wales


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Took this original shot on Canon 5D Mk11, with a Canon 17-40mm lens. Format is CR2. Edited it in Adobe Camera RAW.
In Photoshop's beta: used the new Adobe DeNoise filter to good effect on the sky and the remove object filter to remove the power lines.

After global levels and contrast adjustments I converted to B&W in RAW. This revealed some sensor spots which I removed using the Healing spot brush. After local dodging and burning, with just a mite of sharpening' I printed it on Ilford's Gold Mono Silk A3+ paper with my Epson 3000 model.

Looks excellent in daylight and on the summit, you can clearly see Adam and Eve (two stone towers about 2 meters high). Quite pleased with it.


  • Tryfan original.jpg
    Tryfan original.jpg
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  • Tryfan print B&W A3+.jpg
    Tryfan print B&W A3+.jpg
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Lovely image, great sky and a nice mixture of sun and shade has brought out the details in the mountain.