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Latest from my 'Head coverings' project.

I found the hat in a car park several years ago and thought it would make a good 'Victorian' silhouette. When I came to process it I realised that the sides aren't parallel so not what I was aiming for - which was 'Victorian Gent'.

Posted mainly for completeness of the project.

But still good practice in that I have never done a silhouette before and it helps avoid all the shots being samey head ones. And also continues to help me get the hang of flash.

PA111846 Silhouette hat mounted.jpg
Thanks Martin.

I've posted on the site the other four that I have done so far:

Monk's habit
Panama hat
Swimming cap

All reposted here for ease of reference:

P8161058 Chris CWL praying monk mounted (1).jpg.
PA011792 Te man in the Panama hat v2 mounted.jpgP9241712 The swimmer mounted.jpgPA081823 Hoddy Mounted.jpg

I want to avoid any more 'simple' headshots but at the moment have only one clear idea for another one and rather vaguer ideas for a few others.
Seeing them in a set like this makes such a difference and gels them together, the only one that seems a little out of place is the intruder one, perhaps its me but all the others show a face were this seems a little out of place, however its your choice and I think you have done a great job so far, you need a few more to make it strong portfolio of work, keep at it Chris, projects are great at focusing one attention to the job in hand.
Thanks Martin.

For me the key thing is to use the 'head covering' as a source of ideas/inspiration rather than as a vehicle to produce pictures of somebody (me in this case)

Edit: yes, very much agree with comment that projects are great at focussing attention.

In addition, for me, this one is outside my comfort zone in several areas:



Composing complex scenes (only 'hoody' one so far)
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Thanks Simon, hoping to:)

I'm a bit surprised that I keep getting ideas on further shots. Normally I would have been fed up with the project by now:)
When it comes to hat silhouettes, I think it depends on your style and what you're comfortable with. I like the classic baseball cap silhouette for everyday wear. It's versatile and goes with a lot of outfits. If you're looking for something a bit different, you might consider a trucker hat silhouette. They have a more relaxed fit and often feature mesh panels, which can be great for breathability. Another option is a dad hat silhouette. These hats have a more relaxed, unstructured fit and are great for a laid-back, casual look. I've found that Mato & Hash has a nice selection of hats in different silhouettes, so you might want to check them out to see what catches your eye!
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Nice when someone brings up and old thread that I had missed. I like your project, Chris. The baseball cap mentioned by @abdielmcin might renew your interest in this project.
Thanks Helen, as part of rejuvenation (in photography :) ) I am picking up some stuff that I enjoyed the most first time round, as well as new stuff (eg ‘Tanzaku’).

And the headshots are definitely a candidate - might need to come across some hats in a charity shop:)
Perhaps think in terms of self-portraits to expand your options perhaps?