Flat Iron/Not Flat Design


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I am often intrigued at the care and sheer creativity exhibited by (mainly) 19th Century industrial design.
Wrought Iron beauty discovered in out of the way places etc.
I have tried to illustare this in a plain silhouette of this quite mundane piece of equipment.
I thought it would be the nearest representation to how would have been portrayed by the designer in its side elevation. Probably (or has my imagination gone too far?)
Assigned to a Trainee Draughtsman in the Foundary Drawing Office as the senior Draughtsmen would have been giving themselves more prestigious assignments. Whatever - this would never have been see except by a lowly domestic servant. I'm amazed and strangely moved by that.


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Nice idea. I like that you were able to retain some shadow detail in the handle without losing the feel of the silhouette.

My great uncle was a foundryman and I still have a couple of pieces made by him including a bronze bottle opener that used to hang on a nail behind my grandmother's kitchen door. Now it lives in my kitchen drawer and sees frequent use. Great Unc used to brew his own stout to keep himself hydrated in the foundry. Things were different then.
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Would be a brilliant image or series of images to illustrate the history of iron works.